Reconnecting Business

to it’s Purpose

Reconnecting Business to it’s Purpose

We enable collaboration between Business Groups, accredited Service & Product Providers and Industry Specialists through our tailored online portals, factually speaking events & informative clips and impact initiatives.

Reconnecting Business to its Purpose

We believe business are the building blocks of our economy and that inspired business owners will shape the future of our country.

Our WHY.

Our vision is to unlock the true value of business through conscious collaboration that addresses current frustrations and encourages a new way of doing business that has a sustainable economic impact to the benefit of all.

Business Groups.

Business Groups are business member driven organisations such as employer organisations, sector associations, professional bodies or any other organization where businesses or professionals pay a membership fee. By becoming a Business Unite Business Group your members will have access to a tailored online portal with relevant information, resources, expertise, products and services.

Grow your organisation and add tangible value to your business members.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

Product & Service Providers.

Ensure growth and sustainability for your business, by marketing your products and services to a large network of businesses. By becoming a Business Unite Product & Service Provider, you will be able to leverage our technology solutions and specialists and gain access to a network of businesses. This will ensure growth and sustainability for your business.

Content Contributors

Reliable information and expertise are crucial for business owners to make informed decisions on the future of their business. Business Unite encourages a new way of thinking and doing business within the South African context. We invite industry experts and specialists with practical knowledge, experience and insight of the challenges and opportunities within our ever-changing business landscape, to contribute content to the platform. Establish yourself as an industry expert or thought leader by becoming a Content Contributor within our network.

A new way of doing business.

We find ourselves in the midst of the 4th Industrial Revolution, empowered by new technology, driven by a young socially conscious generation and a rapidly evolving employment landscape. Adapting to a new way of doing business is absolutely crucial to the sustainability of your business.

Impact Initiatives

The Business Unite Impact Initiatives facilitate the development and implementation of initiatives that have a sustainable economic impact to the benefit of all. Whether addressing education, inclusive economic participation or social and environmental challenges, the impact consortiums encourages collective participation by passionate specialists and industry experts in finding creative, innovative and sustainable solutions.

If you are passionate about making a measurable difference and believe in challenging the norm, you can become involved in one of our Impact Initiatives.

Training Providers.

In a rapidly changing business environment, skills training has become more important than ever before. Problems and opportunities can present themselves at any given moment. Business Unite aims to tap into the intellect and skillset of their members and associates by providing the complete framework to assist professionals to become training providers in their areas of expertise.